Great News!

Monday night, the Sumner County Commission approved the purchase of land for a new school campus and approved a bond issue that will, among other things, fund renovation and building projects at schools all over our county. 


A solid majority on the County Commission approved both measures.  It's a sign that our county leaders are finally focused forward. 

Sumner County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Tennessee. Now, our leadership is catching up -- planning ahead for growth and investing in our schools. 

In the recent past, Sumner County leaders waited until schools were overcrowded, dotted campuses with portable tin can classrooms, and then paid a premium for land for a new school -- only to see it open already overcrowded. 

The price paid for the land at the proposed new school campus is less than half the cost per acre as the price paid for the land at the new Burrus Elementary. 

Buying now rather than in five or seven years will both save taxpayers money AND ensure we're not caught surprised by growth. 

There are still some on the County Commission who'd rather not move forward. They have their supporters, those who say what we have now is enough. Here are a few of their objections from their comments Monday night.

-Schools don't need functioning HVAC systems

-Sending kids to class in portable tin cans year after year is perfectly       
-Repair of leaking roofs shouldn't be a priority
-The County Commission should use Imminent Domain to purchase
  property at below market value
-Our schools already receive too much money
-New schools are a want and not a priority

Unfortunately, rather than offer alternatives to the current building plan or constructive ideas on how to improve the budget, these Commissioners and their backers have just one thing to say to progress: No

We know Sumner County can do better than that. This is an exciting, dynamic community that attracts families to middle Tennessee. We deserve excellent schools housed in safe, well-functioning facilities. 

The new building plan will alleviate the over-reliance on portables as permanent classrooms. It anticipates growth. It allows our schools to meet the demands of a growing community.

Last night's vote was a big victory for all of Sumner County. We all win when we invest in excellent schools and plan ahead to meet needs. 

This is an exciting time to be in Sumner County -- hard work is being done and in just a matter of years, the planning and focus we are seeing now will start paying off.