What our Schools Need

Next week (May 15th), the school board will review next year’s proposed budget and then vote on it a week later. But our schools have needs. Big ones!

The school board won’t address them unless you urge them to include these essential items in their budget.

What you need to do:

Step 1
Contact your school board representative:

District 1: Tammy Hayes, (615) 824-7540,
District 2: Tim Brewer, (615) 824-7548,
District 3: Alice Bachman, (615) 264-0262,
District 4: Sarah Andrews, (615) 337-1887,
District 5: Jeff Cordell, (615) 859-5649,
District 6: Jim Hawkins, (615) 452-4411,
District 7: Andy Daniels, (615) 598-7016,
District 8: Ted Wise, (615) 415-1813,
District 9: Patricia Brown, (615) 452-3801,
District 10: Glen Gregory, (615) 325-9764,
District 11: David Brown, (615) 644-4225,

(If you need help identifying your school board district, refer to the "Board of Education Districts" maps:, or refer to your voter registration card.)

Step 2
Urge them to include these essential items in their budget:

Set a $10 Minimum for Hourly Employees
Too many Sumner County classified employees earn less than $10 an hour. Anything less is embarrassing for the important work we ask them to do. Urge the school board to bring the minimum pay for a Sumner County Schools hourly employee to $10 an hour.
Improve Educator Pay
While Sumner County ranks fourth in Tennessee in median household income and has the fourth lowest unemployment rate, our teachers rank 54th in average pay and our principals rank 37th. That’s a serious mismatch. We can’t keep, much less attract, the best teachers to Sumner County with substandard pay. Urge the school board to include a plan to bring pay for Sumner County teachers and principals to the top 10 in the state over the next three years.
Solve the Bus Driver Shortage
We have a massive shortage in bus drivers. Not only does this create logistical problems in the transportation department, but it also limits the transportation department’s flexibility to address transportation issues as they arise. The only way to solve the bus driver shortage is to entice more and higher-quality applicants with a sizable increase in bus driver pay.
Improve Communication
Finally, on a range of issues, Sumner County Schools does not communicate effectively with parents, teachers, and staff. Recent discussions on school transportation, state testing, and school safety on the Strong Schools Facebook page have highlighted the need for better communication from the district to its stakeholders. Call on the school board to take corrective action and create a climate of clear, transparent communication across the district.
Instead of the school board asking for what they can get, it's time to ask for what our schools NEED.
Contact your school board representative before it’s too late.